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Kilo M.O.E Is Back.

Kilo M.O.E Top 3 Content on the World Renowned Thisis50.com

Kilo M.O.E Top 3 Content on the World Renowned Thisis50.com

The most innovative digital multimedia corp.

We are a full service multimedia and entertainment company with distribution networks to over 500 online and brick and mortar stores. We are constantly looking for talent. If you think you have what it takes to push your music to the next level send us your best MP3 (128kbps), sound cloud link, or YouTube. 

Premium Digital Services

Are you a DYI artist looking to expand your brand? Are you a multimedia business needing to grow your social media presence? O.M.G Entertainment has innovated a strong model for social media branding and P.R. We service over 100 sites simultaneously by video, music, and graphics. NO DIGITAL company can offer this type of spread. Contact us for details or pricing. WE SERVICE ANY BUDGET.

The Many Different Faces Of Kilo M.O.E - Celebs & Fashion Mag

The Music industry has transformed a great deal right in front of our faces. 2016 Music has seen its largest revenue slice from streaming. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, CEO and Artist known as Kilo M.O.E built a notable company based on this newly transformed industry model.

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ARTIST: Baltimore MadMan Featuring: Cyco Thah Urchin, Kilo M.O.E Produced By: Flight Boy Label: O.M.G Entertainment, inc. From The Mean Streets Of Baltimore,...


Drewzii pushes forth the brand new record " sacrifice" from the latest project " Now Or Never" which was a recent release a month ago. The Florida native is not your average rapper to come across as it can be heard in the new single delivering a mellow yet inspirational message for the masses.


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