Our Story

Maurice Jones Owner and CEO of O.M.G entertainment built an online company from scratch. With the forward thinking of the new digital format of entertainment content O.M.G which stands for On My Grizzly was born. Established  in Fort Myers, Florida April 17, 2012 the demand for online promotional  services and digital music campaigns increased by over 50%. Knowing this Maurice foreseen a revolution brewing in the music industry. Each year since inception 'brick and mortar' record labels have slowly dismantled. Today O.M.G entertainment has online distribution networks that reach as far as Japan.

With over 20 years experience and exposure to the entertainment industry Maurice discovered his knack for content at the early age of 7 while living in Munich, Germany break dancing for money on the streets. Maurice was quickly discovered by a casting company for 20th century Fox and earned himself a roster spot for the critically acclaimed film "Enemy mine" starring Dennis quad.

After moving around several times Maurice found himself in the small capital city Topeka, Kansas in which at the age of 12 interned in fairly large communications and print firm known as Content Communications. Over the years in Topeka Maurice has built several businesses and branded political campaigns well before the age of 18. .
Currently Maurice Jones is known as the premier artist to O.M.G entertainment with an internet music track recording totaling well over a 100 thousand real streams, hundreds of downloads and several paid shows. Kilo M.O.E's New album "Plug Life" hosted by Dj Big Steve Gee is his latest mixtape and highly anticipated across the United States in several regions including the South. 
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